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The Orlando Gay Night Club Terrorist Attack

On June 12th, at around 2:00 AM EST, Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida, experienced a horrific Terrorist attack. Over 50 people have been confirmed dead and over 50 people injured. This is the worst terror attacks since 9/11. Omar Mateen entered the night club, engaged in a fire fight with an off duty officer, and proceeded to commit a genocide against the LGBT community. He committed the largest active shooter atrocities in American history. What are some things we can learn from this?

First, we have learned that no one place is safe any more. Tragedy can occur any where at any time. We have also learned that these physcho paths do not pick hard targets. They do not go after police stations, shooting ranges, gun stores or any other difficult targets. They always after soft targets. These can be schools, work places, bars, night clubs, music halls, malls and places where people go to unwind from a difficult work week. These attackers are complete cowards.

Second, we need to take a look at security risk and vulnerability. Nobody in their right mind would think someone would attack a soft target like this. It’s time to start changing our thinking. Who would real think a radical, home born, Islamic terrorist would shoot up a night club? This is something we would see on a movie script and has  unfortunately become reality. We need to start changing our thinking. We live in a different world these days.

Third, security, security and security. These soft targets need more and better security. One police officer was not enough in this situation. He was clearly out gunned. Also, he needed more back up. He also lacked comparable fire power himself. A hand gun versus a rifle is an unfair gun fight. In my opinion, there should have been a minimum of 2 to 4 armed officers, with at least 2 of them access to AR-15’s.

Fourth, this individual has been under investigation multiple times from the FBI. These include times for 2013 and 2014 investigations. He was eventually cleared of investigation. The FBI dropped the ball. At the same time he was also a back ground checked, finger printed, armed security officer for a company I will leave in unnamed. He served for many high clearance jobs, such as guarding court houses and security for the Olympics. Unbelievable, right?

Fifth, we need to stop looking to our government and politicians for solutions and security. At the end of the day, our personal, public and business security relies on every day citizens and ourselves. This can be anywhere from hiring off duty police, armed security or a coloration of both. Citizens need to take security responsibility as well . This can be principals, business owners, night club owners, homeowners, parents, the LGBT community and etc. It doesn’t matter who you are. The 2nd amendment was meant for all.

In conclusion, I have listed many learning lessons we can learn for this barbarian attack. This is the time to not sit on our hands. It’s time to sit down, do some thinking, and come up with viable plans. I always tell people, I think like the Israelis. If there is less then 1 percent of a chance it could happen, I will prepare for it.

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