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The Capital Gazette Shooting | The Need For Armed Security At News Rooms

Today around 3:00 PM mountain time, a gun men walked into the the Capital Gazette and opened fire. The Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, has reports of 5 dead and many more injured. It is not clear the motivation at this point time but one thing clear is the need for armed security in news rooms. With political tensions high on both sides, things have never been more unstable in America.

With frustrations and anger high, people are unfortunately turning to violence in order to solve their problems. Innocent people unfortunately get killed, people get injured and families suffer. Right now is the time to take action of you are the general manager of a media outlet. It is time to react and secure your work environment.

At Close Contact Security, we can secure your work environment with armed guards and give consultation on hardening your work place. Situational awareness, securing entrances and exits, active shooter training, practicing evacuations should all be apart of your work place safety plan. Please contact us for a free consultation or with any questions.

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