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At Close Contact Security Services, we provide professional and experienced security for Public and Private schools. In today’s times and environments, safety for schools and colleges has never been more important. Our operators will provide the safety and security, to ensure every student can receive the education they deserve. Through our experience and skills, we understand the vulnerabilities that must be addressed in order to protect a school or college. The planning and execution are as follows.

-Risk Assessment -Potential Threats -Potential Vulnerabilities -Students At Risk -Terrorism Risk -Perimeter Security -Building Security -Working With Federal & Local Police When Necessary -Proactive Action Plans for Active Shooters -Contingency Planning -Evacuation Planning -After School Hours Security -Extra Curricular Safety & Security -Former Disgruntled Student or Employee Awareness -Communication -Surveillance -Travel Security

Not all Schools and Colleges are the same. Some factors may not be included and some that need to be addressed. Through our teams planning and experience, we will come up with a plan that is designed for the school or college. Let us be your security team to sit down and work with your school or college and counsel you into the right plan. We service all of Colorado. This includes the cities of Denver, Colo Springs, Pueblo, For Collins, Lakewood, Aurora, Parker, Golden, and more. Call or email us today for a free quote.

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