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Security Guard Services For Concerts | Denver | Colorado

Close Contact Security Services offers concert


Pre-concert planning. Threat & risk assessment. Creating a Presence of Security. Check point security. Access control, unauthorized entry prevention, & perimeter security. Parking Control and traffic flow. Money security and escort. Communications and equipment. Crowd control. Deterring Incidents. Emergency planning that includes Fire, Medical, and evacuation. Event clean-up, (During & after.) Reports. Overnight security.

Let Close Contact Security run security for your next concert to assure safety and smooth operations. Our company is experienced in dealing with incidents that may occur. Highly important, is to confront disruptive people or large groups with a de-escalating method, so to prevent or mediate issues from occurring. We will have armed and unarmed security that may be open or Concealed, depending on the event. Prevention and proper response for incidents is very important for the success of your concert. Close Contact Security Services will consult with you about your concert details.

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