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Security Guard Service For Casinos | Colorado

-Ideal for Casinos


Close Contact Security Services provides top notch protection for Casinos in Colorado. We effectively create a secure environments. Our private security services can include temporary or long-term guards, asset protection, patrols, surveillance, lock-up and alarm, parking control and more.

Our team consist of members who have been trained professionally by highly qualified personal. All of our team members have been trained in powers of arrest, detection of weapons, awareness, observe and report, communication, public relations, report taking, and liability and legal responsibilities.

Our practices and presence help prevent loss, theft, loitering, trespassing and any other criminal activity. We also provide reports of activity and incidents. Get a free quote from us today! We offer very competitive rates.

-Parking Enforcement -Asset Protection -Parking Lot Security -Commons area Security -Active Patrols -Vehicle Patrols -Armed Security -Unarmed Security -Loss Prevention -And More!

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