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Security Guard & BodyGuard Service For Movie Stars, Actors, Musicians, Rappers & Comedians |

-24 Hour Service


We can provide a bodyguard or team of professionals to guard an individual or group of individuals at risk from bodily harm, death or kidnapping. Our operators are some of the most trained and highly professional people in the business. We protect actors, rappers, musicians, comedians and anyone else of high affluence. We put a lot of planning into protecting our clients. Some of this planning includes:

-Risk Assessment of the client -Potential Threats -Scouting of Properties -Travel Security -Family Member or Guest Safety -Securing Valuable Property(If Applicable) -Working With Federal or Local Police When Necessary -Surveillance -Communication -Contingency Planning -Securing Locations -Perimeter Security

We understand the value and operations of providing superior Body Guard Service. Our planning, operators and experience give us the edge as being one of the top security companies in Colorado. We currently serve all of Colorado. This includes major cities such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Aurora, Lakewood, Parker, Pueblo and more. We also offer very competitive pricing. Contact us today for a free quote!

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