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Owner & Operator Mark A. Schneider

Mark A. Schneider is 31 years old and is an entrepreneur. He is a single Father of one daughter. Mark has been training for the past 13 years in shooting and tactics. He is an NRA certified instructor. His Current work includes working as a contracted Protective Security Officer for the United States Federal Government.

Some of His Current and Past Work includes:

Lose Prevention – Marriott Hotel – June 2007 to August 2008

Mark was a loss Prevention Officer for the Marriott Denver Tech Center Hotel. He was in charge of guest, employee and building security. Most notably, he worked security at the hotel during the Democratic National convention. He worked closely with Local, State & Federal Law Enforcement. He helped secure the hotel while many VIP’s visited the hotel.

Supervisor Of Armed Security – Casa Bonita Restaurant – July 2014 to January 2017

Mark Supervised his uniformed armed security staff at one of the worlds largest restaurants, Casa Bonita. The restaurant is known for its South Park episode, its historic value and being is business since 1974. The restaurant would have as many as 1300 people on site at one time while having the capability to seat up to 900 people. He was in charge of his security staff to provide safety for guests and employees. He would respond to many calls including fights, suspicious persons, medical situations, employee escorts, disturbances, accidents and more. He was also in charge of providing security for the Cash room which would sometimes secure large quantities of money. Most notably, he provided security for celebrities during the Book Of Morman annual party.

Patrol Officer – United States Protective Service – August 2015 to January 2016

Mark worked as an Armed Uniform Patrol Officer in charge of patrolling and responding to calls for apartment and condo’s throughout Denver, Colorado. Some these apartments included section 8 housing, all the way to luxury apartments downtown. Some of the calls he responded to were domestic violence, noise violations, car break ins, disturbances, theft, suspicious persons, vandalism and more.

Armed Security Officer – Havana Liquors – June 2016 – December 2016

Mark provided Uniformed security for a high risk liquor store during this time. He and the owner helped stabilize the security situation and to provide a safe environment for the owner, customers, building and his inventory. Through team work of himself and the owner, a level of security was achieved that was not gained before.

Armed Uniformed Security Officer – Allied Universal – December 2016 to July 2017

Mark worked as a Security Officer for both Denver Water & Union Station/Crawford Hotel. His time at Denver Water was to protect Metro Denver’s water utility that supplies water to Denver and the Surrounding cities. He worked any from the main campus providing physical security to working access control and as a patrol officer at their water treatment plants. Mark also worked security at Denver’s Union Station as physical security and CCTV. He worked very closely with RTD Police & Security Officers.

Protective Security Officer – Federal Protective Service, Department Of Homeland Security – May 2017 to May 2018

Mark worked as a Contracted Armed Uniformed Security Officer under the Department of Homeland Security. His job includes protecting Federal Buildings, Federal Employees, Judges, Politicians, Visitors and more. He works access control, screening, patrol, physical security, bailiff, CCTV, Anti-terrorism and more. He is required to uphold standards that are the highest in the security industry. He is required to maintain a security clearance.

Training History:

Advanced Tactical Pistol Advanced Tactical Rifle (AR-15 & AK-47/74) Advanced Tactical Shotgun Shooting, Moving & Communicating Concepts of Team & Squad Formations & Movement Concepts of Ambushing Close Quarter Combat & Room Clearing Basic Patrolling Techniques Tactical Hand Signals Baton Training Pepper Spray Training Hand Cuff Training Basic Hand to Hand Combat Training Basic First Aid Basic Legal & Law Security guard Course Report Writing Mark has received the majority of his training from Former Special Forces, Army, Navy, Former Police, Marines & More. Mark always considers himself a student of the trade, trying to learn more each day.

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