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Infrastructure is one of the most important mechanisms in America.


At no other time in American history, has protection of these subjects has been so important. In 2013, an attack on a California sub station was the most significant attack ever seen. A group of highly trained individuals shot up and destroyed cooling elements of a sub station near Silicon valley. This is just one of many incidents of the threats posed on Americas Infrastructure.

You are going to need the best security company in the world, to secure these locations. Look no further then Close Contact Security Services. Here is some of the planning and fulfillment that is involved.


Information is everything. We will work with local and federal police to address all potential threats. We will also put together our own intell team. Intelligence can come from all places. Info from police and feds, news sources, internet, word of mouth and even tips called in. All intell collected must be considered.

Risk Assessment

Every piece of Infrastructure will need a full on assessment. Not every location is the same. This could be a water treatment plant, a sub station or a coal power plant. Every risk is different.

Work Place Violence

All risk needs to be considered, including at risk or former disgruntled employees.

Terrorism Threat

Every piece of Infrastructure faces this imminent threat. Some more than others.


The location of these subjects can vary it’s risk from threat. Some more then others.


Some Infrastructure is less secure then others. These issues must be addressed. This can be as simple as building a better defense to stepping up security patrols.

Screening Employees

All employees must be screened and back ground investigated. This needs to be as deep as possible. This must include investigating a potential employees room mates, their ex-wifes and even the elementary school they went to. A deep investigation must be done.

Security Check Points

Security check points are a must. This includes verifying employees, checking for ordnance or weapons, to making sure deliveries for cafeteria food posses no threat. This is one of the biggest vulnerabilities to Infrastructure safety and security.

Perimeter & Interior Security

Fences and sound and movement sensors provide a lot of security and are a necessary. Though boots on the ground are your best protection. Having highly qualified operators are your best defense. Patrols on the interior and outside at random times 24 hours a day, are the answer. Technology only goes so far. Your human element is your best bet at the end of the day.

Delivery Of Commodities

Coal power plants and water treatment plants all require a delivery system for their supply. All of this must be considered.

Rail Ways and Trucking

Delivery of products can serve a significant risk. Trains and Truckers sometimes go miles with no real security.

If You See Something, Say Something

We need all employees and security on high situational awareness. If you see something, say something. This is not only at the work place, but maybe at the local bar, grocery store or something you find on the internet. Everyone needs to work together.

Contingency Planning

Its always necessary a plan B and even a C. There is no such thing as being too prepared.

There are always less and more security each Infrastructure subject is required. We will put together a plan that best fits each situation. Let us sit down with you and put together a plan. Through our experienced management, top of the line operators and excellent planning, we will protect Americas Infrastructure.

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