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Anti-Kidnapping | Kip-Napp Prevention Course

At Close Contact Security Services, we offer a top of the line course in Anti-Kidnapping. This can cover all

Our course includes:

Surveillance/counter surveillance: Will include how to be aware of your surroundings, danger signs to look for, how to effectively conduct counter surveillance towards anyone surveying you.

Hand to hand combat, armed and unarmed: Defensive and offensive techniques, that will enable you to effectively ward of attackers and incapacitate them effectively.

Improvised weaponry: How to use everyday objects effectively to give you an edge over your opponents. Will also cover various forms of concealed weapons.

Basic weapons understanding and training: Basic firearms knowledge and training on both handguns and long guns, in case you acquire one from an attacker.

Lock picking/handcuff picking/ evading zip ties and ropes: How to pick common locks, handcuffs as well as Zip ties and ropes.

Intelligence gathering: What to focus on when gathering intelligence prior to and during your trip. Understanding the kidnappers mind/kidnap psychology/Stockholm syndrome: Extensive training on how the kidnappers think, how to gain their trust and confidence and use it to your advantage, as well as how to avoid Stockholm syndrome.

Escape and evasion/survival basics: Basic survival, land navigation and E&E techniques. Mental health conditioning: Training you to think offensively and defensively in a manner that will maximize your chances of not getting kidnapped and if it happens, how to get out alive and unharmed.

Contact us today for a free quote and evaluation. We offer competitive prices and great training! Visit our contact form here!

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