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Active Shooter Training



  1. General Characteristics of An Active Shooter

All active shooters demonstrate certain behaviors before committing these types of acts.  We will teach signs to look for.

  1. Situational Awareness

It is always important to be aware of your surroundings. We will teach you good habits to develop.

  1. Mind Set Of An Active Shooter

Active shooters typically demonstrate a certain mind set. We will teach you what is in their mind before, during and after an active shooter situation.

  1. Run, Hide & Fight

These are the essential three steps of how people should react during an active shooter situation. We will teach you every step you should take.

  1. Law Enforcement Response

It is important to understand what to do when the Police arrive. We will teach you on all the steps you should take when law enforcement does arrive.

  1. Real Life Practical Drills

Once everyone understand what to do during an active shooter situation, we will run through a live demonstration and practice a real life drill. All drills will be conducted in the safest manner possible while using orange non-functioning orange or blue guns. We will also consult you on how many times per year these drills should be practiced.

In Conclusion, our security company can put together a comprehensive training package on active shooters. Please contact us today for pricing.

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